3000+ Hotels ONLINE


To further strengthen its efficiency and to increase the comfort of partners and customers requesting hotel accommodation, ESTEC has implemented its own on-line booking system offering booking of selected services in real time. The booking engine is easily accessible at the www.b2bonline.estec.cz website. Partners of ESTEC are invited to use password protected access to the system.

The system has been devised to provide a fast, efficient and reliable booking tool constantly showing available hotels at the most competitive rates, with reflection of all applicable discounts, special deals and stay – pay policies.
The system allows looking for the most suitable hotel according to various search criteria. These include namely present actual availability, location on the map, location in the travel destination (with distance from the centre for hotels in Prague) and preferred type or character of the requested hotel. Partners of ESTEC may choose from the proposed options to find a hotel which may be central or remote, traditional or modern, good for corporate events or purely boutique. The system also enables booking services other than hotel services such as transfers, tours and excursions as per selection from the list available at the website. Finally, it allows also for payment settlement of selected services immediately after the booking has been made. The entire procedure is therefore completed during a single session in the system, which makes the whole operation user-friendly, comfortable and time saving.

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