Terms and Conditions


ESTEC will only accept bookings and enquiries from partners and clients in writing (fax, letter, e-mail).
Booking enquiries or requests made via phone must be followed in writing the same day. Bookings should be sent preferably in English and they should include the below listed details helping to arrange for all services to the client’s criteria and expectations:

ESTEC shall submit its provisional service proposal not later than 48 hours from receipt of the booking enquiry or request. If unable to respond to the received enquiry or request by this deadline, ESTEC will ask either for extension of the time needed for reply, or for more details helping to find alternative solution for the booking.
Provisional service proposal sent by ESTEC will include:

All ESTEC partners and/or clients are supposed to re-confirm the provisional service proposal by the deadline requested by ESTEC or at the earliest convenient time if no such a deadline has been given.


In connection with all travel service arrangements, ESTEC acts as a travel agent for hotels, transportation companies,
restaurants, theatres and other service suppliers and it may not be held in any way responsible for loss, damage, accidents, delays, default or disruption of the tour due to circumstances beyond its control or beyond the control of its agents.


Accommodation rates listed in the confidential price lists are quoted net as individual (F.I.T.) or group rates and they apply to B2B segment only. Unless otherwise noticed, they generally include accommodation, breakfast, VAT and any other local taxes and/or charges at present and level. Rack rates (hotel desk prices) may be also listed as informative.
Service prices listed in the Confidential Tariff are quoted net, inclusive of VAT and any other local taxes and/or charges at present and valid level.
All prices are quoted in EURO and they are based overall terms and conditions including exchange rates effective as at 1 November 2015. They may be subject to change and re-confirmation at the time of booking.
Any changes in the economic environment, fluctuations in exchange rates, prices, official tariffs, charges and taxes may result in changes of the published rates. In all such circumstances, ESTEC partners will be given a notice immediately.


On receipt of the final confirmation of the booking, ESTEC will issue an invoice for the total amount due with a request for a deposit of minimum 50 % of the total price of all services requested by the partner or client unless otherwise agreed. This deposit may be paid by a bank transfer, by a certified bank cheque sent to ESTEC's mailing address by registered mail or by credit card against duly completed Credit Card Authorisation Form submitted by ESTEC.
Deposit payment must be made via bank transfer at least 35 days prior to the client's arrival in order to reach the ESTEC’s bank account at least 30 days prior to arrival unless otherwise agreed. The partner or the client must send ESTEC a copy of the transfer order by fax on the day of completion of the payment or minimum 35 days prior to the clients' arrival as a proof that payment has been made.
The total balance has to be paid by bank transfer or by certified bank cheque sent to ESTEC's mailing address by registered mail minimum 10 days prior to the clients' arrival in order to reach the ESTEC’s bank account minimum 1 day prior to arrival unless otherwise agreed.. The partner or client must send ESTEC a copy of the transfer order by fax on the day of completion of the payment or minimum 10 days prior to the clients' arrival as a proof that payment has been made. Payment of the balance or the total amount may be made also agreed in cash, via credit card (VISA, AMEX, EUROCARD/MASTERCARD) or by certified bank cheque on spot on the day of arrival unless otherwise agreed. In case of credit card payment, transaction fee will be added on the top of the total invoiced amount as applicable for the given type of credit card. In case the booking inclusive of its terms and conditions has been finally agreed and confirmed less than 35 days prior to expected arrival date, payment of the total invoiced amount shall be required immediately and proof of payment will be required by ESTEC on the day of completion of the payment transaction.
All fees connected with the payment transaction shall be borne BY SENDER of the payment. They may not be deducted from the invoiced amount. Payment of the invoiced amount must reach the account of ESTEC in FULL.
Any overpayments occurring for the particular booking shall be settled either by crediting the partner's or client's bank account within 15 days from the provision of the final service or by using the overpaid amount as a deposit for future bookings depending on further agreement.
The listed payment terms and conditions apply particularly to group bookings unless other agreement for the particular booking has been made. Bookings for individual clients or bookings at a small total value may be subject to special payment terms and conditions as detailed in ESTEC's provisional service proposal.


Payments must be remitted to ONE of the below bank accounts depending on currency agreed for the given booking and its settlement. The following details must be provided:
Account numbers:

Bank: Komerční banka a.s., Štefánikova 267/22, 150 47 Praha 5, CZECH REPUBLIC


Cancellation policy for LEISURE GROUP TRAVEL applies to any booking comprising minimum 15 participants unless otherwise agreed or determined by a given hotel. Such policy does not apply to corporate events (congress, conference, seminar or similar), nor it applies to incentive group travel. Terms and conditions for corporate and incentive travel booking shall be determined for every such a booking ad hoc.
A partner or client may withdraw from the confirmed leisure travel booking any time.
Unless otherwise agreed, withdrawal from the confirmed leisure travel booking by a partner or client 30 days prior to confirmed date of arrival or provision of the first confirmed service is accepted free of charge.
Withdrawal from the confirmed leisure travel booking later than 30 days prior to the day of arrival or confirmed provision of the first service shall be subject to the cancellation policy as listed below.
Unless otherwise confirmed, usual policy for cancellation of hotel bookings for leisure group travel applies as follows:

ESTEC allows maximum 10 % decrease in total of participants per booking compared to the originally announced total.
Cancellation of every tour participant above the total of 10% of the original announced total may be subject to the above listed cancellation policy except for no shows or cancellations not reported in advance according to the above cancellation deadlines.
Cancellation of INDIVIDUAL LEISURE TRAVEL booking is accepted free of charge usually not later than 4 days prior to the confirmed date of arrival or provision of the first confirmed service.
Unless otherwise confirmed, usual policy for cancellation of hotel bookings for individual leisure travel applies as follows:

Hotel cancellation policy may vary from the above and ESTEC’s partner or clients shall be informed of the present and valid cancellation policy within the provisional service proposal submitted by ESTEC.
Terms and conditions for corporate, incentive and spa treatment bookings shall be determined for every such a booking ad hoc.
Cancellation of group or individual booking must be made strictly in writing and it is becomes effective only on its receipt at ESTEC’s present and valid regular office address or determined ESTEC’s emergency contact point. ESTEC shall reconfirm the receipt of such a cancellation in writing within 24 hours from its receipt. The partner or the client are strongly recommended to request such a reconfirmation from ESTEC as a proof that the booking confirmation has been safely received and made.


ESTEC may only withdraw from the confirmed booking in case of serious breach of confirmed booking or payment terms and conditions by the partner or the client or in case that the services confirmed by ESTEC cannot be provided due to circumstances beyond its control and the partner or the client have not accepted alternative service provision or service replacement.


Refunds for services provided by ESTEC at lower than confirmed quality as well as for services confirmed but not provided at all or not provided alternatively or not replaced by ESTEC must be claimed by the client in person at the destination where provision of the confirmed services falls into ESTEC’s liability or by the sending travel agent as the client’s representative in writing not later than 21 day from the date of occurrence of the event claimed. Assessment and settlement of claims shall be carried out in accordance with present and valid Czech law.

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